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Passion Program


My Food

We are dedicated to providing our residents with a personalized and passion-filled culinary experience, every day. We understand the strong correlation between meal satisfaction and overall resident satisfaction. The My Food program includes:

My Recipe
My Community Signature Dish
My Birthday Meal
Cooking Demonstrations
Sunday Southern Dinner
Bistro Menu
My Coffee Bar


My Wellness

Our My Wellness program connects our Wellness Team with our residents and their families, employing a variety of techniques and systems to accommodate our residents’ wants and needs for healthy living. The My Wellness program includes:

My Wellness Assessments
My Care Plan
My Care Conference
Passionate Medication Pass
Integrated Service Systems


My Passion Pathway

The My Passion Pathway program is designed to enhance the lives of our residents by celebrating their stories, meeting their daily health and wellness needs, and providing a reality of life that meets their unique visions. The My Passion Pathway program includes:

My Memories & Personality Assessment
My MAP Shadow Box (Memory Care Only)
Meet & Greets
My Community Ambassador
Intergenerational Life Program
7 Day: New Resident Survey


My Activities

We celebrate stories, memories, and milestones while exceeding care expectations for daily health and wellness needs through My Activities. It is stimulating, engaging, entertaining, and vital to the overall health and wellness of every one of our special residents. The My Activities program includes:

My Passionate Activity
Employee Engagement Program
Resident of the Month
Miracle Moments
My Adventure
Green Thumb Club


Our Passionate Employee

The Our Passionate Employee program offers our employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and be recognized for outstanding job performance. If you are interested in employment with West Fork at Weatherford, please give us a call. The Our Passionate Employee program includes:

Employee Recognition
Silver & Gold Program
Train the Trainer

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